Checking Liferay 6 - Whats New Part I (Navigation)

Hi everyone
  • Today i thought why not check Liferay 6. So i went and downloaded Liferay 6 Tomcat bundle from sourceforge.

  • Created in ROOT/WEB-INF/classes

  • Added the following properties in it to connect to Mysql


jdbc.default.url=jdbc:mysql://localhost/lportal6? useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF8&useFastDateParsing=false



  • Ran startup.bat in bin folder and it came up with the below page


  • Logged in with and password test

Wow first glimpse of Liferay 6!!!

So what do we have new here. I will check the general navigation today that is provided by default classic theme.


  • Single dock has been replaced with multiple dropdowns

  • My places previously in dock is replaced with Go To in top right. It takes you to by default

  • My Public Pages -- Your public pages

My Private Pages -- Your private pages -- Guest Public pages

  • Toggle Edit Controls finds a new separate home at top instead of a single dock
  • There is a new dropdown at top right named Manage which has following options

  • Page -- This is our old Manage Pages

  • Page Layout -- Same as Layout Template

  • SiteMap -- I found it same as Manage Page but by default taken to the second Tab named Children

  • Settings -- Settings is same as page settings available in Liferay 5.2.3 where in you can specify logo, virtual host, activate staging,etc

  • Control Panel -- Old Control panel

  • An Add drop with following options

  1. Page -- Same as Add Page

  2. Applications -- This lists commonly used portlets that can be directly add with option More which brings add application portlet

  • There is a small pin option that is to extreme right. I couldnt figure out what it pinned. At first I thought it would pin Navigation menu but navigation menu was by default pinned. After some clicks found out that it pinned the top most navigation menu, that is ones having option Add,Manage and Go To. Pretty cool!!!


  • I see two strips as below. On basic Navigation and the second one i am not sure, is it a navigation or Bread crumb portlet. How do i remove that?

Issues I found

  • I was getting Manage Pages temporarily not available occasionally with server log showing .NoSuchGroupException: No Group exists with the primary key 0. This happend sometimes when i clicked on children or look and feel.

  • I had liferay 5.2.3 instance logged in one tab of browser and liferay 6 in another tab IE 8. It kept me logging out from both if i tried to perform any action. Finally i had to switch to chrome for 5.2.3 instance and Liferay 6 in IE 8. Some problem with session i guess


I loved the new navigation that the default theme of Liferay has provided. It's very very interesting. Hard work by Liferay team really shows here. Kudos to them.

What next

I will check new portlets available in Liferay 6 next time.


  • If you find anything new and interesting with Liferay 6 Navigation please mention it in a comment here.

  • By the time i finished posting this blog entry Liferay 6.0.1 was released. You can get if from sourceforge
  • Please pardon the mistakes and shabbiness of this blog entry


  1. Liferay Portal has proved itself as the world's leading open source portal platform in open source web

  2. defining roles is a major headache

  3. Its not if once you get into the rythm of doin it :)

  4. I come from liferay 5.2.3 My first impression of Liferay 6.0.5 was Wow ite pure eyecandy, it looks really nice. So i decided to start my proyects with it.
    Have you seen the movie Joe's Apartment. Thats the amount of bugs this version has, hope they make a difference in other realeasas because, in my experience, ill advice people to stay with 5.2.3.

  5. Yeah it has wonderful features, but some of the existing things are really buggy. Fingers crossed for next version