Google Chartlet - Yipeee!!!! My First Portlet for community

I am very glad to announce that I have created a portlet to display Google Charts. I have named it as Google Chartlet in sourceforge.

I feel so good about it as
  • Its my first portlet that i am creating for community. Glad to give back something to community
  • First time I am using sourceforge.
This portlet is made using charts4j.

This portlet has very limited functionality as of now.

What it has?

User Charts

  • Shows total users, organizations and communities in the system (2D and 3D pie charts)
  • Show number of users in the organization (2D and 3D Pie chart)
  • Number of users registered with system for current year(Bar chart)
Asset Chart
  • Shows distribution of assets in system(2D and 3D pie charts)
Sample Charts
  • These are basically the same charts that are listed in charts4j project page. They are static charts, but show the power of Google charts and Charts4j api.
How to Configure?
  • This portlet basically is an instanceable portlet. So you can create multiple instances of portlet on same page.
  • Configuring is pretty much simple. You will see Configure button as soon as you add the portlet.
  • Clicking on that you are provided with two step process of selecting the type of report and type of chart.
  • Once you have done that you will be shown the chart.
  • You can click on settings if you have configure permission, where you can set the report title, width and height of report.
What next?
  • I want ideas to create new report types.
  • Right now the color of the report is predefined too. It would be nice if that is configurable as well.
  • Your comments to improve are very much welcome.
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  1. we love your blog postings, so well add your rss or news feed for them, Thanks and please post us and leave a comment back and well link to you. Thanks Jen Liferay

  2. Not finding a way to comment. where to comment?

  3. Hi there! Im new to Liferay as well to portlets. I like very much the google charlet that you created.

    My question might sound stupid, but I rather ask it, how may I configure the portlet in order to connect it to my own data?

    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi evallgar. My portlet is just a sample which shows how you can leverage the use of google charts api to create custom charts. You may want to look at the code flow in my portlet as to how i have retrieve the value from liferay db and used the same to create charts using google charts api...

  5. I am looking for such type of informative news and i get through this blog so i am very much thankful to you for sharing such a great information.
    - liferay portlet

  6. Very informative on charts. Never know there was such good feature from Google before.