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Hello everyone

The joy of creating something is something which cannot be expressed.
The idea of this portlet struck to me because Julio. When I created Google Chartlet, Julio posted the same to Twitter. I thought why not create something which could automate this. The result is Tweet My World Portlet

  • Sets Twitter Status as soon as some new content is added in the available assets
  • Twitter Credentials configurable via control panel
  • Supports Wikis, Blogs and Software Catalog right now
  • Creates small url using internally
  • Set twitter credentials individually for organization, community or per user. For example, you can configure twitter credential for your organization and also you can do the same for your Community. So if there is a blog post in your community public page, twitter status get set for that particular Twitter account, similary if you have configured it for your organization, status would be set for the twitter account that you have configured for organization
How To Use?
  • Usage is pretty simple. Go to the Control Panel.
  • Click Tweet My World under content section.
  • Set your Twitter Credentials.
  • Select the assets for which you want to set the status when content is added.
  • For guest community select Blogs from Tweet My World section. Make sure your twitter credentials are correct.
  • Place a public blog in one of the pages of your Guest community.
  • Add a blog post. 
  • Login to the twitter account you have configured. The  status must appear there.
  • Thats it. You are done.
Note: You wont get any error if you don't fill any of the above or details are partially filled, apart from the fact that, if you do so, the status won't be set.

  • Right now the status that is set is in English. I wish i could apply some I18N there.
  • More assets can be identified and added.
  • Right now status is only set when someone has added a blog post or wiki page. It could be modified further if someone edits blog post or for other actions.
Community Download page
JTwitter Page api


Have a nice day!!


Gustavo Fernandez has found a problem  with my portlet behind proxy and solution for it. Please check this entry
Thanks Gustavo.

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